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About Eileen

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I always say you never step in the same "Social Media River" twice. The platforms and apps change faster than the latest fashion trends. Knowing everything doesn't need to be the goal. What's important is teaching kids and families how to behave safely and appropriately on social media. Helping parents set clear expectations and boundaries for their children gives families the tools they need to navigate the space.


There's no app that can raise our

kids in this digital age.

Community Manager

I was a professional talker​


​When Eileen learned about online interaction from the pros of social media (see Fun Facts below) she discovered she loved talking on the internet. Others noticed her talent for creating online connections and she got offered a job as a Community Manager for one of the leading international social media agencies. The hashtag used in her weekly, just-for-fun, not-sponsored twitter party trended in that time slot for months. Eileen traveled all over the country to conferences and events representing  the agency. She is still connected with and has met several of her online friends in real life.



First Grade Teacher

I LOVE working with children​


​Before Eileen had three boys of her own, she taught all subjects to twenty children in her first grade classroom. She taught for four years until her first son was born. By performing assemblies for students, Eileen fills her desire to spend her energy educating children and making a difference in the way they interact with each other online. Some of her favorite assemblies involve working with students with severe emotional disturbances and students who are deaf or hard of hearing. But shhhhhhh -don't tell anyone she has favorites. She loves the time she spends with all children.



Social Media Educator

I combine the best of my worlds​


​In 2013 while attending her oldest son's first Back to School Night for high school, she heard an audible groan rumble through the crowd of parents when the principal talked with them about the importance of being on social media. He told the parents their children live in this online world and we need to be there with them. In that moment Eileen realized she could help parents navigate and feel better about social media since she worked in and loved the space herself. Since this start, her classes have morphed and changed as she researches trends and uses her connections in education to keep her content current. 

I've worked with:
  • Panasonic

  • GM

  • Disney

  • LEGO Universe

  • Activision

  • Tony Hawk: RIDE​

  • Toyota

  • Buick

  • Cooper Tire

  • California Milk Advisory Board

Fun Facts
Panasonic Living in HD Family #39

I learned Social Media from the pros​


Eileen's family won a  bundle of products from Panasonic in 2008 in their Living in HD contest. Along with these products came the expectation to post and interact on social media to promote and review the Panasonic products and experience. To make sure they understood the apps and how to behave in the space, Eileen and her husband John were trained by some of the brightest minds in social media. At that time Eileen didn't even own a cell phone.



Parenting on Social Media

I practice what I teach​


​Eileen feels honored (and sometimes challenged) to be raising and mentoring three perfectly-imperfect digital natives of her own. When did she let her kids have cell phones? Not until they were in high school, but she knows every family is different and requires different ages and stages for introducing and owning technology.

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