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Focus | #1
Social Media's effects on interpersonal

Relationships between

  • parent to child 

  • teen to teen

  • teacher to student

  • administrator to school community 

  • business to consumer

  • consumer to business

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Focus | #2
Parenting children on digital media

Children can be extremely tech savvy, but they aren't emotionally savvy yet. That's where the mentoring, sharing and helping from parents and teachers come in. If we approach social media and technology this way with our children and students it can build the bridge between their knowledge and ours.

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Focus | #3
Building empathy in our digital world

The more we use technology, the more we lose our capacity for understanding other's perspectives and feeling empathy. We talk to each other using screens more than with face-to-face communication. Empathy can be strengthened with effort, conscience choices, and strategies for ourselves and our families.

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